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Dog Boarding - What You Need to Know About Dog Boarding

What are the different boarding options offered at Countryside Veterinary Clinic?

Countryside offers a lot of day camps. Dogs like Summer here love to come and play with friends. We also have overnight boarding for as long as you really need. We board dogs, cats, exotics, birds, rabbits - everything you could really need. If you have questions about those varying costs, our receptions can answer those for you.

Michelle Jansen, Practice Manager
Countryside Veterinary Clinic

Will my dog get active and social time while boarding?

Absolutely. The social times are different for every dog. Not every dog likes friends, as some of them like humans and don't like other dogs. So we try to go by the size of the dog, the activity level of the dog, and if they like friends. If they don't like friends, they get the same amount of time as the other dogs do, but they're by themselves and they’re really just getting snuggles from us.

What questions should I ask at the boarding facility?

We think outdoor time is really important, so make sure they are going to get this. They're already in a new environment. Outdoors is common for everybody, so everybody knows what it's like to be outside. It makes them feel more comfortable. We also think that sanitation outside is crucial. We have AstroTurf outside, and that's really helpful to keep them nice and clean while they're boarding. Do they offer bathing facilities? Is your dog on medications? Do they offer food? And do they have veterinary services? We're an all-in-one facility in that we have that access to veterinarians if an emergency were to occur. At some facilities, that’s not an option, so they have to call someone in if something were to happen.

What do boarding facilities need to know about my animals?

Mostly the same thing, again, is if they have a medical condition. It’s crucial to let them know, especially in the case of diabetes. We like to keep diabetics in a separate location to keep a really close eye on them. If they like friends, that’s also important. If they've never been around friends before, that's important, too. Some places will train. We're not a training facility, but we definitely make sure to gauge the temperaments of different dogs as safely as we can. If there's any question, we don't associate a dog with another dog.

What do veterinarians generally recommend for safe pet boarding?

We recommend that there's a veterinarian on hand. Or, if not, we love if the facility has one at least close by or on hand all the time as we do. If your animal needs 24-hour supervision, you want to go to a place that has that. But most of the time, dogs that are in that situation are going to need hospitalization or 24-hour care are in a 24-hour facility. Vets would also want to know if there's anything that you're used to seeing that they're not used to seeing. For example, if they're breathing funny or if they have a collapsing trachea and we hear them coughing, or they are breathing different to us but we're not aware of that condition, we're immediately going to start making sure that we take the extra precautions that they're safe. But if that's normal for them and we didn't know it, it would be nice to know that ahead of time.

What should I bring and how should I prepare when boarding my pet?

If they're on a special diet, such as a prescription diet, bring that with you. Or if they're on a diet you want to keep them on that the facility doesn't carry, we would want to have that with us. We are perfectly fine with feeding your diet from home at no extra charge. If they're on any supplements or anything like that, our boarding agreement form will have all that information on there for you to go over that. But we would like to know those things, and that is an additional small charge to do that. But we're perfectly happy to follow those instructions that you have.

You would have to bring any medications your dog is on with you as well. You're certainly welcome to bring toys, beds, or anything from home you would like to. We just like to make sure that people know we're not liable in case they decide to have a little too much fun with it while they're here with us.

If you still have other questions and you'd like to reach out to us, you can call us directly at (410) 461-2400, you can email us, or you can reach out on Facebook. But please do reach out, and we'll get back to you as fast as we can.

Dog Boarding - FAQs

Michelle Jansen, Practice Manager
Countryside Veterinary Clinic

Will my dog be sad when I board them?

Dogs don't really have as much of a concept of time as you think they would. At the boarding facility, there are so many new faces. There are so many new human faces, animal faces, sounds, and smells, so that really it's a whole distraction the whole time. At our facility, we don’t see dogs being sad or seeming to miss their owners. Of course, we all want to think our dogs miss us, but I really think the distractions kind of keep them from having that feeling.

What do I do about boarding if my pet has anxiety?

Some people will have medication. Usually, it's the same people that have medications for their dogs constantly for anxiety. If we saw them get anxious at our boarding facilities, we would let you know. Or if a place that you've brought them before has said that they have anxiety, they would let you know. We can put them on something after an exam if you thought that was necessary and wanted to keep them comfortable during boarding. A lot of animals really don't need it though.

What will the boarding facility do in case of an emergency?

We have staff on hand all the time. We have doctors that can be called if they're not in the facility at the time, but most of the time we have doctors here pretty much the whole time while your animal's boarding, except when they're sleeping. If there's some reason that they need 24-hour care, then we would transfer them to another facility or have them transferred some way to another facility if that needs to happen. But we don't board any animals that need 24-hour care for that reason.

What questions should I ask a boarding facility?

You can ask if they are able to give medications, or if they have trained staff that's able to give medications if your animal needs them. And this is important even if you bring in your pet and it's not already on medication, as they might need to receive something while they're here. Or say they get diarrhea because it's a different place and they get a little bit anxious. You want to make sure that that staff there has the ability to give them medication and they won't have to be transferred elsewhere, or have somebody come in for a separate charge for those medications to be administered.

You want to make sure that they will take care of your pet. That they're getting time to play and getting time to socialize. And that they're kept comfortable. Let out to go to the bathroom. You also don't want to start any bad habits. Some places have indoor-only facilities and sometimes that can be a little confusing for them. But really, you should just make sure that they'll love and take care of your pet.

If you still have other questions and you'd like to reach out to us, you can call us directly at (410) 461-2400, you can email us, or you can reach out on Facebook. But please do reach out, and we'll get back to you as fast as we can.

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