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Dog Boarding

This collection of Dog Boarding articles has been curated for you by Countryside Veterinary Clinic. If you would like to talk to a veterinarian, please give us a call at (410) 657-8024.

Your “Pandemic Pet” might be lonely, start misbehaving, or develop separation anxiety. Is it time for Doggy Daycare?

There were 26,000 more pet adoptions in the first 9 months of the Coronavirus pandemic than the year before, according to the Washington Post, January 6, 2021. Puppies purchased from breeders were also dramatically increased. polled 1000 owners and 68% of Generation Z owners and 42% of millennials plan to hire dog walkers or reserve spots in doggy day care for their transition back to the workplace.

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Dog Boarding FAQs and the Answers You Need to Enjoy Your Vacay

As the summer is nearing an end, everyone is likely trying to squeeze in one last trip. While many of us dog owners would take our fur babies with us wherever we go, it’s not always feasible or even advisable depending on where you’re going and/or how you’re getting there. The ultimate goal is to be able to leave your faithful, furry friend with someone you trust so you can rest easy while you’re gone.

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