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Practice Manager
Veterinary Practice Manager, Michelle Jansen, Boxer Mix

Education: Centennial High School, University of Delaware

Michelle graduated from the University of Delaware with a Bachelors in Science and concentration of Pre-Veterinary Medicine. She still currently holds the Division-1 University’s softball career home run record, as well as Centennial High School’s single season and career home-run records and was inducted into Centennial High School’s Hall of Fame in 2015. Michelle began working at Countryside as a veterinary assistant and receptionist in 2005. After working on summer and holiday breaks through college, she returned to Countryside full-time and was soon promoted to the position of our Practice Manager in 2012. Michelle enjoys time with her husband, Bill, their two dogs; a Boxer mix, “Georgia”, a Vizsla, “Tucker”, two orange tabby cat brothers “Bruce” and “Willis”. Her main passion is exotics and rescues and rehabilitates many reptiles. Currently she cares for her 21 year old Leopard Gecko that she has had since elementary school, “Rikki”, 3 Panther Chameleons "Drax", "Esme" and "Rosie", 3 Crested Geckos, “Viscerion”, “Aegon”, and “Darrio” (Game of Thrones names!), 2 Axolotls, “Pickle” and “Noodle”, a Beta fish "Ghost" and friends in a planted nano tank, a saltwater tank with many fish, invertibrates and corals, and her rescued reptile family members a Chinese Water Dragon, “Jett”, a Banana Spider Ball Python, “Phoenix”, a Leopard Gecko, “Gator”, 2 Uromastyx, “Dart” and "Petunia", a Gargoyle Gecko, “Otto”, and a Blue Tongue Skink, "Darwin".

A member of the Countryside staff since November 2005!