An Innovative Treatment For Your Pet’s Pain

laser-therapyIn an effort to continue to provide the best possible care of your pet, we have added the latest technology for decreasing swelling and associated pain through the education, training and the acquisition of a therapy laser. This laser emits a beam of light which cells absorb as energy. The energized cells then work to decrease swelling and speed healing in skin, soft tissue and joints.

Our therapy laser is being used for arthritis in dogs and cats, skin lesions, neck and back pain, and some ear, oral and urinary bladder conditions, as well.

  • Treatments last 2 - 5 minutes per site.
  • Treatments require no anesthesia and can be performed on a routine office visit.
  • Your pet will be very comfortable as the light produces only a slight amount of heat in the inflamed tissue.
  • Acute conditions may require only a single treatment.
  • Chronic conditions require a six treatment protocol to achieve a very comfortable situation. Booster treatments are then scheduled every 4 - 12 weeks to maintain the reduced pain.

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