Dignified And Stress-Free Euthanasia for Your Cat

Just like any member of our family, we never want to see our cat suffer. We can examine your cat to help you understand your options, and when all other options have been explored and the decision is made to say good-bye, we’ll do our best to make the process as stress-free as possible – for both you and your cat.

It is important that you and your cat are in a comfortable, private environment. Euthanasia is a service that is available at our clinic or in your home. Sedation will be administered prior to performing the euthanasia so that your cat is at ease and free of fear.

We can discuss pet cremation services as a communal cremation or as a private cremation with ashes returned.

The decision to euthanize is difficult – even if it is a gift of love to let your pet go with peace and dignity. We are here to help you through this transition, and make the process easier for you.

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