Dog Cat AnesthesiaSafe And Comfortable Surgical And Dental Procedures

General anesthesia is required for most surgical and dental procedures. For all animals undergoing general anesthesia, a complete physical examination is performed, appropriate blood work is drawn and the treatment plan is discussed with the owner.

How Does The Anesthesia Process Work?

We begin most general anesthetic procedures by placing an intravenous catheter, administering a sedative to relax the patient, and then administering intravenous medication to provide complete anesthesia to place an endotracheal tube. Gas anesthesia is then initiated to prolong the anesthesia for the duration of the procedure.

How Will You Keep My Pets Safe Under Anesthesia?

Our patients are monitored closely under anesthesia. We monitor their heart rate, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation, blood pressure, EKG, and body temperature. We work hard to make sure your pets stay safe and healthy during any procedure that requires anesthesia. We treat your pets like they’re our own. If you have any questions about procedures that require anesthesia, please call us. We’d be happy to address any of your concerns.

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