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spaniel-dogThere is nothing more luxurious than a relaxing vacation away from home. If you’re a pet owner, however, it can be hard to relax if you're worrying whether your caregiver gave Oscar his meds or made sure Coco got enough exercise. Our practice offers pet boarding so you can relax while you are of town.

Your pets are properly cared for in a friendly, fun, secure, and nurturing environment. Our climate-controlled facilities remain clean and orderly at all times. Our practice provides comfortable bedding, or you may bring along your pet’s own washable bedding from home.

Maybe Coco has a favorite toy that would make her feel more at home. Our kennels and condos have plenty of room for your pet to move around and make themselves comfortable. We even have adjoining rooms for pets in the same family. Each pet gets plenty of physical exercise, fresh air, and sunlight.

We host social playtime in small groups, or you can ask us to walk your pet individually. We provide science diet sensitive stomach diets, but you can bring food from home so that there is no change in your pet’s diet while away from home.

We know that sometimes change is stressful, and your pet may not want to eat. It might be a good idea to bring along some treats or something to make their food seem more desirable. Our practice is well-equipped to handle any ongoing medical needs your pet may have.

dogs outsideWe regularly administer oral medications and supplements. We also address individual feeding needs. We monitor your pet the entire time he or she boards with us. Should your pet become sick or injured we will attend to your pet immediately and communicate with you about the issue.

We want you to feel comfortable with the level of care and attention we provide, and we want your pet to feel comfortable while you're away.

We require proof of current vaccinations for all pets boarding with us.

Print out our boarding agreement and bring it in with you!

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